Monday, August 9, 2010

My Cornbread Waffled on!

I love it when people write about food in quirky and creative ways. What could be more Southern, when you think about it? After all, we're the people who crumble cornbread into buttermilk and fry chicken gizzards.

So I was delighted a few months ago when I stumbled on Dan Shumski's blog, where he tackles the question, "Will it waffle?" My favorite yes-answer was waffled falafal, not only because it looks delicious but because it's super-fun to say!

After reading a few posts, my imagination was stimulated to golden cornbread waffles piled with pulled pork. Yummmm. I wrote Dan and shared my vision (noting that this was not a cornbread-dream that involved sugar), and he replied that while waffling cornbread seemed like a natural and he wanted to try it, he was intimidated by it.

Well, I think it's a shame for anybody to be intimidated by something so simple and good as cornbread. It's easy to get right, but like most things good, I know it's also easy to get wrong, so I sent Dan my recipe (which is based on my mama's recipe, which was based on her mama's recipe, get the picture). Last week (while I was sitting in Florida basking in the glory of the pristine Gulf and enjoying my uncle's homemade barbecue) Dan concluded that cornbread does waffle very well indeed and posted the results, complete with pulled pork! (He included my recipe and a link - thanks, Dan!) It looks spectacular!

Now I just need to find a well-seasoned cast iron waffle iron.

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